HP Photosmart D7160, C5180: Error: 0xc19a0024, oxc19a0024

MAJ 02/09/15

Here are some solutions for errors code 0xc19a0024 and oxc19a0024
Solution 1:
  1. Turn off power and unplug from power source.
  2. Open right side of printer.
  3. Disconnect,by pulling gently, both white flat ribbon cables off the main circuit board.
  4. Plug in power source and turn printer on. Wait till you get a error message and push "Ok".
  5. Unplug power source.
  6. Reconnect the flat ribbon cables by aligning and carefully pushing into the conectors on the main circuit board.
  7. Plug in power source and turn printer on.

Solution 2:
  1. Turn off power and unplug from power source.
  2. Open right side of printer (looking at the front).
  3. Disconect,by pulling gently, the flat ribbon cable off the main circuit board that is the smaller of the two.
  4. Plug in power source and turn printer on. Wait till you hear no more movement from inside from unit booting up.
  5. Press both cancel and power button at the same time.
  6. Message on printer screen will be, "Enter Special Key Combo".
  7. Push keys; Left-Ok-Right.
  8. When printer screen changes, scan through and look for "System Menu" and push "Ok"
  9. Scan agan and look for "Clean Derivative" and push "Ok". Wait for 1 minute.
  10. Scan agan and look for "Clean Firms" and push "Ok". Wait for 1 minute.
  11. Press "Cancel" 4 times
  12. Turn off power and unplug from power source. Wait for 2 minutes.
  13. Reconect the flat ribbon cable by aligning and carefully pushing into the conector on the main circuit board.
  14. Plug in power source,and turn on power.
  15. When printer boots up, answer the questions on the printer screen for your area.
  16. The printer will cycle the ink from the cartridges to the print head and back.


marcelo said...

both solutions works perfectly for me, but when i switch off the power the error is back again, and need to make a reset again to make it work again, any suggestion?...when it works the printing results are perfect!!!

Sherry said...

Primal Scream! I have an HP photosmart d7160 that has worked great for several years. just started giving me the message "Ink System failed Error OXc18a0001". I see you have directions for how to resolve but I can't figure out how to "open the right side" of the printer. Can you adivse as to what screws or whatever needs to be pulled or pushed to open the right side?
Thanks Sherry

P.S. thanks for your help by the way. No computer shop wants to mess with a stinky old printer apparently.

GHG said...

Hello, I think that is not nessesary to unplug the white flat cable. I did it. But I belive the key is the combo.

GHG said...

I think just the combo key is nessesary. Thanks for the help.

Steve McKinnon said...

Thanks very much for the fixes - I ended up using solution number 2; after a couple of tries it fixed the problem.

For anybody else following these breadcrumbs:

!! Getting the Right Side Cover off is a real challenge !!

There are a couple of plastic hooks on the bottom right, and one on the front that have to be pried loose before the cover will snap off. Be prepared for rude words, screwdriver injuries, and the feeling that you are going to break the cover into many pieces. It takes patience, force, and gritting your teeth just right to get it to come off, but it will detach itself after significant effort. Having an extra set of hands might help as well.

eve said...

steve you're right, this damn thing is a hard nut. i am trying to take it off. please give me more direction. thanks a lot!

ecanon said...

"Disconnecting by pulling gently the flat ribbon cable off the main circuit board" exposes a line of tiny wires that engage the ribbon cable under the cap. It may be possible for someone to replace the cap and reconnect the ribbon cable but beware. The wires are terribly tiny and getting them aligned to fit the slots in the cap is almost impossible (in my case it was impossible). I thus ruined my printer. The wires are too fine and the alignment to critical for success. If you can't do it with the buttons don't even try to remove the ribbon cable.

CREZ said...

Estoy por completo super agradecido al Sr. LEH quien con su posteo sobre arrglo de la HP D7160, devolvio a la vida de estropeada impresora. Muchas Gracias.

I am completely grateful to Mr LEH super who with his post about the HP D7160 arrglo, returned it to the printer spoiled life. Thank you very much.

Jim Marmion said...

Many Thanks for this Fix. I had already purchased another printer and was about to throw this one out, but has two full sets of ink cartridges, which are not cheap. I had previously tried contacting HP but their fix didn't work and they ultimately told me to buy a new printer. I am really glad I found your blog at the 11th hour, solution 2 worked for me first time.
Many Thanks

octavio said...

thank you very much for this help, with the first option and my problem is Fitting-out, how hard fuel remove the right side cover. nuevamnte many thanks.
Greetings from Venezuela

Geoff Lee said...

Solution one seems to have worked, getting the right side cover off is not easy, but .... it worked!! So much thanks for this blog!!!

Geoff Lee said...

First solution worked!!

Wrestling Guy said...

the first solution didnt work for me. i have the HP 7160. but the second solution did!!!!! I can print again! awesome. i was just about to beat my printer with a sledge hammer i was sooo frustrated.